Great Gutter Lane/Riplingham Road Kirkella ‘New A164 Roundabout’ – Trouble ahead???

When I was the Ward Councillor in Willerby & Kirkella up until 2015, I campaigned for a new roundabout at the junctions of Riplingham Road/Great Gutter Lane onto the A164.

These two junctions are an absolute nightmare to negotiate out onto the A164, particularly if you are turning right. There have been many accidents, including fatalities at these junctions, as motorists take their life in their hands to find a gap in the spending traffic.

So I welcome the recent announcement that finally East Riding Council have realised they have a problem and a bid has been put into Government to fund the building of another roundabout, but I have serious concerns at the possible implications for the whole village of Kirkella if this measure goes ahead without traffic calming the roads leading to the A164.

I also predicted the traffic chaos at the Waitrose roundabout once the Council gave planning permission to the large number of developments around the area without improving the roads; Beverley Road Kirkella, in particular.

These recent new developments include, the new Lidl supermarket, Wolfreton School and the 400 new houses planned on Great Gutter Lane West that are in the process of being built now!

This has lead to huge traffic jams and not only at peak periods and has meant that impatient drivers look to other ‘rat runs’ to avoid delays.

Already extra vehicles choose to enter the A164 from either Riplingham Road, Westella Road/Occupation Lane/Great Gutter Lane, or Tranby Lane Anlaby.

If this new roundabout is put in place to ease the access to the A164, this will mean that vastly increased numbers of vehicles will use this alternative quicker route to the road and many areas of the Village will notice much much greater numbers of, often speeding vehicles as a result, unless traffic calming is also introduced at the same time.

Many schoolchildren walk and cycle to local schools in the Village and the prospect of large numbers of extra impatient commuters is a serious concern to all residents.

I therefore call on the Parish Council and the  three local  Ward Councillors ( I use the word ‘local’ advisedly as one lives in Keyingham 25 miles away and another lives in Pocklngton 30 miles away) to ensure East Riding Council put proper measures in place before the roundabout opens!!

This means ‘chicanes’, static speed cameras, 20 mph zones around schools, and if absolutely necessary ‘the dreaded speed bumps too’!


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