I supported the Police& Crime Commissioner’s proposal to move the Redland drive Police Station into the revamped Haltemprice Sports Centre when it was first proposed 18 months ago. Unfortunately the Council have not been able to comply with this proposal as yet, but it is to be hoped the delay is only temporary!

Having a Police contact point open 12 to 15 hours a day and a new local base would be a major improvement for the area. Closing Redland Drive before this happens must not happen however!

We must lobby hard for the new Haltemprice Sports Centre base and to retain Redland Drive until it is ready!!

What do you think? Please tell us!


It was very pleasing to be a part of the Community effort to fight against the planning application to build a Wind Turbine at the side of the A164 at the Waitrose roundabout.

Over 350 people attended four residents meetings held at Wolfreton Lower School over a period of 3 months. Particular thanks go to those residents who contributed over £1000 to a fighting fund. This was supplemented by a generous donation of £500 from Beal Homes, for which we are very grateful.

These funds were used to pay for the services of an expert Planning Consultant who responded to the Council’s consultation document and spoke at the Council Planning meeting too.

I also spoke against the application at County Hall on February 13th, and was supported by a 30 strong group of placard waving residents. The Committee unanimously rejected the application and we wait to see whether the applicant decides to appeal or not?

They will have 3 months to put in an appeal so we will not know finally until after the middle of May. If we have to fight an appeal then I am sure the community will mobilise once again.


Changes to the planning regulations to make ‘change of use’ applications easier, came into force in from 30th May 2013.Since this date buildings, mainly shops, can trade with A3 or A5 with  permitted change for a period of up to 2 years, during which time they would be expected to make a formal application.

Whilst the Government’s initiative to reduce ‘red tape’ and speed up the opening of new businesses is welcome, an unintended consequence of this has been the unwelcome explosion of takeaways, cafe bars and restaurants in certain areas including Kingston Road, Willerby.

Of the 14 shop premises on the Willerby side of the Gorton Road/Parkway roundabout on Kingston Road,  7 are already food and alcohol outlets. The area used to have, not so very far back, a Post Office, Bakers, Chemist and Greengrocers, but now these have all gone. There is also a Bookmakers in the same parade and on the opposite side of the road beyond the roundabout, a further 3 takeaways, a Pub and a Garage open 18 hours a day!

What was once a quiet residential area is now the destination of choice for our neighbours in Hull and the wider County. Now it has become intolerable an urgent action is required.

I opposed the latest alcohol licensing application in December 2013 but was unsuccessful because each application has to be considered on its own individual merit. No account can be taken of the cumulative impact of the number of these outlets in an area because the East Riding of Yorkshire Council does not have a policy currently.

With local residents, particularly Trevor Grewar, we have looked at persuading the Council to bring in such a policy to avoid the further expansion of these outlets in the future. This problem is particularly an issue for the Haltemprice Communities because of our proximity to Hull and its large population.

I have therefore brought the Portfolio Lead, Councillor Jackie Cracknell to see for herself the situation in the area. I am also proposing to put forward a motion to the Council at the next meeting on April 2nd, which will aim to bring about the implementation of such a policy in the next few weeks.

Interestingly my Conservative colleague in Hull, Councillor John Fareham is proposing to bring in Community Impact Zones (CIZs) in the Newland Avenue/ Princes Avenue Area too. We will co-ordinate ideas on this matter.

Lib Dem Controlled Hull City Council to Sell Springhead Golf Course, Willerby?

You may have heard that Liberal Democrat controlled Hull City Council has announced its intention to sell Springhead Golf Club.

Many of you have expressed concerns that this might lead to the loss of open green space and an unwanted housing development.

Although it is owned by Hull City Council, the majority of the golf club falls within the East Riding. Your local Conservatives in Willerby will vigorously oppose any development and will ensure we keep residents up to date with the facts of the matter. We strongly believe that the golf club should remain a leisure facility for the residents of Willerby and Kirk Ella.

At the moment, East Riding Council has not received any planning applications.

Secretary of State to visit Haltemprice & Howden

Haltemprice & Howden Conservatives are hosting an Association Dinner on 10th September 2010, which will feature, as our guest, the first Conservative Secretary of State for 13 years to visit Haltemprice & Howden – The Rt. Hon. Jeremy Hunt MP.

The dinner will be held at Willerby Manor, Willerby 7pm-7.30 start.

If you would like further information, contact our office on: 01482 657938.

To confirm your attendance, please download a flyer by clicking here and return the reply slip to the address provided.